Our Accessibility Services

True Accessibility offers a full range of accessibility services to make your site WCAG 2.1 AA and ADA compliant.

Our Team

At True Accessibility, your compliance project is handled by a team of web accessibility experts. The team includes developers, testers, and accessibility experts.

Our plugin, AI, and machine-learning services are highly effective at resolving a large percentage of WCAG 2.1 and ADA issues. However, there are a number of compliance standards that require additional manual fixes as well as ongoing testing and monitoring. This means that no website compliance project is truly complete without manual testing, monitoring, and verification. The reason for this is simple—each website has unique, sometimes dynamic, characteristics that are not “static” and therefore fall outside the capabilities of automated compliance programming.

These might include:


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Video Content

Under WCAG and ADA compliance standards, videos are required to have “auxiliary aids,” such as video captioning, for users with auditory limitations. Additionally, audio description and transcript for your videos may be needed for blind or visually impaired site visitors. Ongoing monitoring and adherence to the latest accessibility standards allow our team to make sure any new or updated video content is meeting compliance standards.


While PDFs in and of themselves are usually fine, dynamically populated PDFs that are created for sales, contracts, and other types of forms will need manual attention to ensure you are meeting WCAG and ADA compliance standards for all users. Areas such as metadata, titles, tags, subjects, alt text, and much more are covered and attended to in our manual compliance process.

Custom-Designed Navigation

Most websites are navigable by a keyboard through tab, arrow, and enter key functions; however, things get more complicated when tablet and mobile views are taken into account since all users must be able to navigate all site pages and understand the purpose of every menu icon. We ensure that custom or dynamic site navigation elements are optimized for WCAG 2.1 and ADA web compliance.

Custom Web Templates

As more businesses have moved online, many have opted to take their website customization to the next level; however, in doing so, many have (unknowingly) left the door open to accessibility compliance issues. All levels of navigability, mobile functionality, and content display may be great for standing out, but may need unique manual fixes to safely comply with WCAG 2.1 and ADA standards.